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The fastest growing Layer-1 Blockchain

Reliable, trustworthy and easy to use Layer 1 solution that fights complexity, misinformation, and unequal opportunities to power a better future for all.

  • Nearly Instant Transactions
  •          Less than a second to send a transfer.
  • Lowest Transfer Fees
  •         Only a penny with no gas fees.
  • Connecting 120+ Countries
  •        Everyone can pay anyone, anywhere.
  • 128,000 People Invested
  •        Still plenty of time to get in early.
  • Built to Scale Globally
  •        The blockchain will never slow down.
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  •        Uses much less power than other Blockchains.
  •  Uses much less power than others.

the first Ever Global Lottery Presale

The Biggest WEB3 Gaming Platform In the World

Lottoday is the world’s biggest decentralized Web3 gaming platform. From the beginning, the platform will offer three different games, with the largest one having a guaranteed jackpot of USDT 1,000,000. If you're looking for a chance to win big, Lottoday is the place to be.

With Gaming Hub NFT, you are a co-owner of IP rights on the entire LOTTODAY software. For every ticket sale, 20.43% of the revenue will be shared with Gaming Hub NFT holders proportionally to their total revenue share points allocation.

In the future, Lottoday will expand to include dozens of different games. The Lottoday platform will launch with three games: the USDT Lottery, the ULX Lottery, and a prediction market game. The USDT and ULX lotteries will be 6/45 lucky draw games where users pick their lucky numbers, while the prediction markets game promises a great opportunity for those skilled in correctly betting on market movement.

Audited and Secured by Industry Leaders

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The First Ever Global Payment Solution Presale

Bringing Banking & Crypto to Everyone
 With Virtual & Physical Bank Cards

FlipMe is a globally accessible payment app & card solution designed to bring banking & crypto to everyone, everywhere.

FlipMe will be available globally via App Store & Google Play store to billions of people that are already searching for a modern banking & crypto solution.

Beyond offering access globally, FlipMe is committed to introducing a series of innovative features in the crypto space tailored to the needs of the constantly evolving modern world.

The FlipMe presale allows early adopters to become stakeholders in FlipMe by acquiring Payment Hub NFTs. Holders of Payment Hub NFTs will be entitled to a share of the platform's revenue. It's important to note that the available Revenue Share Points (RSPs) during the presale are limited.

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Pay For Anything Anywhere With FlipMe

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Frequently asked questions

Web3 is being touted as the future of the internet. The vision for this new, blockchain-based web includes cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAOs, decentralized finance, and more. It offers a read/write/own version of the web, in which users have a financial stake in and more control over the web communities they belong to. Web3 promises to transform the experience of being online as dramatically as PCs and smartphones did.

Minting an NFT means creating a unique token on a blockchain. Only after minting an NFT is the digital collectible stored on the blockchain.

Layer 1 (L1) blockchain is a base blockchain on which secondary blockchain networks and applications are sometimes built. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two biggest L1 blockchains in the world. L1 blockchains provide the basic infrastructure and security that Layer 2 (L2) blockchains need to function.

Yes you can earn passive massive income just by owning one of our NFT assets. The higher the NFT the more you earn.

We have zoom meetings and physical meetings globally. You can join our telegram group & Facebook group to get more information. Just click the Get Started button above and we'll give you all the info on the inside.

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